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Bernard Patrick P.E., President of Mechanical Consultants Inc., is a Professional Member of the Building Commissioning Association and supports their efforts in guiding the building commissioning industry through advancing best practices and education, and promoting the benefits of building commissioning.


Professional Engineer Design and Commissioning

Founded in 1982, Mechanical Consultants, Inc. is a professional engineering firm specializing in the design and commissioning of efficient and economical HVAC and Plumbing systems for commercial and institutional buildings.

We are proud of our expertise in understanding today's high-tech building support systems and our reputation for quality work. Mechanical Consultants, Inc. has a long history of providing professional, accurate and fully designed mechanical systems which can be installed within-cost and that provide the owner with top performance in not only operating efficiency, but maintainability and occupant comfort.


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Our Mission:

It is our goal to design and
properly commission every building
we work on so that the absolute
minimum amount of energy is
used to maintain the owners'
desired level of comfort.

Principles of our Company
26 years in business is a testament to the caliber of our work. Each year our expertise has gotten broader, and our standards have been set higher. Providing top quality service to our clients is our only way of business and is one that we strive to build on every day.

Mechanical Consultants Inc. prides itself on its client satisfaction and loyalty. Our past clients have continued working with us through the years because we work to understand their needs and then find economical and efficient solutions to these needs that will provide them with the lowest life cycle costs. Our record shows that we have continuously delivered high quality engineering services that results in buildings being built within budget.

Mechanical Consultants Inc. has built a reputation of remarkable teamwork and leadership in the completion of multi-disciplined tasks. Mechanical Consultants Inc. has been able to build on strong teaming agreements with partner companies and associates who have diverse skills and expertise. Having these talented teams of experts at-hand has enabled us to continually improve our services, expand into new and exciting fields, and better serve our clients' objectives.

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