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Bernard Patrick P.E., President of Mechanical Consultants Inc., is a Professional Member of the Building Commissioning Association and supports their efforts in guiding the building commissioning industry through advancing best practices and education, and promoting the benefits of building commissioning.


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Our Mission:
It is our goal to design and
properly commission every building
we work on so that the absolute
minimum amount of energy is
used to maintain the owners'
desired level of comfort.

It used to be designing and constructing a building was easy. A skilled architect and a few engineering consultants would put together a set of plans that a skilled general contractor would construct with the help of a few sub-contractors. Energy and materials were relatively cheap, so no one ever thought about conserving either. There was time to thoroughly coordinate between the various team members so that each knew what the other was doing. Skilled craftsmen were utilized so the plans did not have to show intricate construction details since all buildings were generally built in the same way, and the craftsmen knew what they were doing. Competition was limited so contractors put money into their bids to do the work right regardless of what was shown on the plans. Building owners could hire operating staff that understood how the building systems were supposed to work, and they would check out and verify proper system operations upon moving into a new building.

imageToday, energy isn't cheap, and construction materials have become much more expensive, with costs climbing in what seems to be a never ending spiral.  Selecting the "Low Bid" contractor, regardless of experience or capability has become mandatory. People's expectations have increased. They are no longer satisfied to be kept warm in the winter, but now demand year round comfort.  Concern about the health or our indoor environment has become daily news.  In order to meet all of these new requirements specialized consultants have become common members of design teams, and multiple sub-contractors to not only the general contractor, but to the general contractors sub-contractors are now common on all construction projects.  In order to meet budgets, and get the work completed as quickly as possible before any new price increases, coordination time during the design phase has been reduced, even though the building systems have become much more integrated, requiring more coordination.  Since only the low bidder gets the work, contractors have learned that in order to get a job, they had to bid exactly what was shown on the plans, even if they knew they were not complete. Few people can claim to be experts on the multitude of systems required in modern buildings and trained operating staff can no longer be found that can check out the installed systems to be sure they were operating at all, much less operating efficiently.


image By having Mechanical Consultants Inc. on board to provide building commissioning early in the construction process, we can fill in the gaps that too frequently occur between the myriad number of consultants and contractors now required for the construction of a modern building.  Some of the benefits of securing a building commissioning authority early in the process are:

  • Assurance that the building systems are designed to meet your expectations.
  • Reduced need for unexpected and costly change orders during construction due to lack of coordination between the design team or missing details.
  • Design is double checked for compliance with your specifications, and for full documentation of the requirements.
  • Costly and un-necessary specification requirements are eliminated.
  • Energy savings and persistence of savings.
  • Improved thermal comfort with proper environmental control.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Verification that the building is functioning as intended.
  • Improved operation and maintenance with documentation.
  • Improved system function that eases building turn-over from contractor to owner.
  • Consistent system function when the building turns over from one operator to another.

From determining and documenting your expectations to training your operating staff, Commissioning by Mechanical Consultants Inc, Commissioning Division, can help you to reach your goals for your new construction project.

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