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Bernard Patrick P.E., President of Mechanical Consultants Inc., is a Professional Member of the Building Commissioning Association and supports their efforts in guiding the building commissioning industry through advancing best practices and education, and promoting the benefits of building commissioning.


Building Commissioning - An Overview


Mechanical Consultants Inc. Building Commissioning and Engineering Divisions have developed valuable techniques to analyze a building's operations which allow us to develop ways to maximize occupant comfort while reducing energy use. By taking a look at how a building was constructed and how it is currently being operated, and applying today's technology to the existing systems, we can frequently find solutions that will return the building to its original peak comfort and operating efficiency levels with only minor adjustments to the control systems, revisions to operating practices or with low cost upgrades to key components.  (Generally speaking, we can assure you that when we are finished, the building will perform as well as, if not better than, it did when it was first built!)

Mechanical Consultants Inc. Building Commissioning Division will work with your maintenance staff to determine solutions to problems being experienced with your building mechanical systems and will help develop cost effective solutions. We will also help your maintenance staff to understand how the building should be operated for maximum efficiency and comfort. We will then develop operations and maintenance manuals, tailored specifically to your building, that will document all of these operating parameters along with recommended preventative maintenance procedures and schedules. In this way, you are assured that your buildings will continue to operate in the most energy efficient manner possible, while maintaining comfort and maximum life from your building systems.

While commissioning is critical before and during initial occupancy, use and changes over time require that systems be evaluated on an ongoing basis. Continuous commissioning, or recommissioning at planned intervals, ensures that the building operates as efficiently as possible while meeting comfort and functional needs throughout the life of the building. Continuous commissioning goes beyond traditional building operation and maintenance just as initial commissioning differs from testing, adjusting, and balancing. Continuous commissioning involves scheduled and rigorous retesting of building systems to ensure that they continue to operate optimally.


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Our Mission:

It is our goal to design and
properly commission every building
we work on so that the absolute
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