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Bernard Patrick P.E., President of Mechanical Consultants Inc., is a Professional Member of the Building Commissioning Association and supports their efforts in guiding the building commissioning industry through advancing best practices and education, and promoting the benefits of building commissioning.


Building Commissioning - An Overview


Studies have found that after 5 years of occupancy, the typical building is using 30% more energy than it did when it was first occupied.  As a building ages, many things change that cause occupant comfort to go down while operating costs go up.  Equipment starts to wear out and become less efficient, heat exchange surfaces become dirty or damaged, sensors go out of calibration, set-points are changed and not corrected... the list goes on and on.

Retro-Commissioning evaluates the performance and efficiency of an existing building and identifies improvements which will help to optimize occupant comfort while minimizing energy use.  As part of the Retro-Commissioning process, Mechanical Consultants Inc. Building Commissioning and Engineering Divisions will appraise the condition of your existing building mechanical equipment to determine not only how it is currently functioning, but also how well your equipment is holding up as compared to similar equipment currently in use throughout the country. Only with knowledge of your equipments' remaining life expectancy can intelligent decisions be made as to the question of repair or replacement, and proper budgets established, with repairs anticipated and made at opportune times, and not when forced upon you due to equipment failures.



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Our Mission:

It is our goal to design and
properly commission every building
we work on so that the absolute
minimum amount of energy is
used to maintain the owners'
desired level of comfort.

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