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Commissioning for
Great Buildings
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Bernard Patrick P.E., President of Mechanical Consultants Inc., is a Professional Member of the Building Commissioning Association and supports their efforts in guiding the building commissioning industry through advancing best practices and education, and promoting the benefits of building commissioning.


Building Commissioning - An Overview

A building can have the best possible design for achieving energy saving, but unless it is constructed as designed and is operated according to the design intent, it will not realize those energy savings. Mechanical Consultants Inc. - Building Commissioning Division ensures that the energy- and water-saving methods and devices selected by the design team are incorporated in the building plans and specifications; that everything is built and tested accordingly; and that school personnel, including those occupying the building, are provided the necessary documentation and training to operate the building properly after it is occupied.

Some owners prefer to use third-party consultants for the building commissioning role to ensure that the work is done independently of the design team and that the results are not biased. Mechanical Consultants Inc. - Building Commissioning Division is happy to work in this role, answering only to the owner.

Mechanical Consultants Inc. is a pioneer in locally innovative building Commissioning services and has in-house industry-recognized building Commissioning experts. We employ a unique approach to building Commissioning and final project documentation. Mechanical Consultants Inc. Building Commissioning Division provides owners with best practices on how to procure and operate their new or renovated facilities.

The company's Commissioning staff includes some of the industry's most recognized experts in the field. Mechanical Consultants Inc. Building Commissioning Division executives hold Professional Engineering licenses in multiple States and are Professional Members of the Building Commissioning Association, (BCA), the Department of Energy's "Energy Star Partner" Program and the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, (ASHRAE). Our team has experience in applying Commissioning techniques during all project phases including planning, design, construction, and post construction.

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Our Mission:

It is our goal to design and
properly commission every building
we work on so that the absolute
minimum amount of energy is
used to maintain the owners'
desired level of comfort.

Commissioning for
Great Buildings

Commissioning is a systematic process.
It integrates and enhances the traditionally separate functions of design peer review, equipment operational documentation and facility staff training, as well as functional testing and performance verification.

Commissioning is a quality assurance process.
It spans from pre-design to construction and start-up and increases the likelihood that a new building will meet the owner's expectations. Commissioning enables a building to begin its life cycle at optimal productivity and assists in maintaining this high level of performance. Commissioning brings back the missing ingredient necessary for all great buildings. Only with a formal commissioning program, can you be assured that your building will operate to its peak potential.
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